About the Course

This is tricky. I’ve got to spin your head around. Most artists come into the Klein Artist Works course thinking the artworld is foreboding and that there are secrets to getting in, through, and on top of.

Not true. There are no obstacles. There is no gatekeeper. There is no one in your way. Everyone either wants to see you succeed or doesn’t give a damn. No one is against you. The only barriers are the barriers we create ourselves.

There isn’t even an art world. There are all these little art villages, made up of people just like you and me, who are trying to have aesthetics change the world. There’s a better chance that they are waiting to assist you, than they are going to get in your way.

Odds are you didn’t choose to be an artist. It chose you. And because we all live in this crass, commercial society, we buy into the notion that artists are in some way deficient or insufficient. Bull shit! You are a genius. You are gifted. You are a visionary. You see things others don’t. You are here for a reason and you know it. All those other, non-art people, how many of them have a purpose? Just saying. You are a star!

You are actually already just fine right now—or insanely close. Maybe there’s stuff about the art ‘business’ you don’t know, or think you don’t know. We can fix that easily. There are 300 hour-long webinars that reveal it all—and you get lifelong, email support from me forever. Just ask.

Klein Artist Works meets every Monday evening (my time) in live webinars to discuss your specific questions (live) about the various webinars we’ve been listening to the previous week. It’s a lot like sitting around the living room, seeing everyone, chatting, learning, and not judging. And, just by taking the course, you get access to all 300+ webinar recordings—forever.

In the course, we’ll realize that we already know how to grow relationships, that we already have friends, and that growing a relationship with a gallery is not so much different than growing a relationship with a new friend.

This stuff isn’t mysterious, scary, foreboding, or difficult. We’ve just been conditioned to believe there’s a wall right in front of us. Not so! There’s a Welcome mat.

Jump on board. I’ll show you.



Klein owned and operated Klein Art Works from 1981 to 2004. When he first opened in River North he established the area as a new art center. After his gallery was destroyed by fire in 1989, his pioneering move to River West led to the development of the entire area.

In over 20 years as a leading Chicago art gallery he established friendships with artists, collectors and civic leaders. He has always participated in his community and is highly respected by Chicago artists since the days his numerous survey exhibitions first brought attention to broad and diverse segments of the art community.



Photo Credit:  Proposal for a Lunar Temple #1, Brutalist. Image courtesy of NASA/Eugene Cernan, Alex Hogrefe.