KAW Special Webinar Sampler Package #1

Kathryn Born – Advanced Topics in Social Media and Personal Branding on the Web

This informative webinar covers advanced topics in social media from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, “Networked Blogs,” search engine optimization, tagging and blogging to creating an online brand for yourself and your art. Born believes every artist, no matter what their level of technical skill, can be using online tools to enhance and support their art business. Kathryn Born is a Chicago artist, poet, filmmaker, and publisher of Chicago Art Magazine . The online magazine includes reviews and features and the software tool Chicago Art Map - a comprehensive map and calendar tool for visual art. She moonlights as a marketing and social media consultant.

Patti Gilford – Selling Your Artwork Through An Art Consultant

Patti Gilford, founder of Patti Gilford Fine Art, has over 30 years of experience in the art consulting arena. Featured in various publications and touted as one of Chicago’s best art consultants, Gilford has helped individuals and organizations around the world hand select pieces for collections. In this webinar, Gilford articulates how art consultants can help artists find the right space for their work. Artists that need to connect with art consultants to move their work will feel their confidence ignited after seeing this! Patti Gilford Fine Arts is WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) certified by the City of Chicago.

Stan Klein – How a Business Partner Can Increase an Artists’ Productivity

Stan Klein is the left brain to artist, Tony Fitzpatrick’s, right brain career. Acting as the behind the scenes business partner, Stan focuses on the financial and marketing end of Tony Fitzpatrick’s artistic endeavors. This webinar makes it clear that just as an actor needs and agent, or a band needs a booker, it’s imperative that visual artists have someone to supplement all the areas of an art business that they are not able to address. During this informative session, artists will learn the importance of having the support of a professional with business savvy and how to go about finding them

Lauren Levato Discusses Public Relations Techniques for Artists

Chicago based Visual Artist and Publicist, Levato discusses PR techniques for artists, including how artists can market and publicize themselves. She covers the specifics of getting working with press, even outlining tips for dates and time of day to send a press release. She was trained at The School of Representational Art in Chicago and studied privately with Steven Assael. She earned her degrees in Professional Writing and Women’s Studies from Purdue, and in Political Journalism from Georgetown University.

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