Paul, I had to take a break and tell you how much I love what you are doing for artists. Your seminar is so valuable for content and veracity of thought. Thank you… I appreciate the inspiration. I am busy finishing up commission work. You are the real deal Paul Klein! It is an honor to work with you. – Barbara Thomason

Thank you so much for the inspiring webinars. My eyes are wider and my heart more open. What more could I ask for? Kim Thoman

Everything you say so completely resonates with me and my life experience. Thank you over and over. I have 2 recent new galleries, 2 new collectors. It’s all organic. They are all relationship based. It’s been so affirming hearing what I’ve had to learn alone. There’s even someone who’s doing a documentary on me. Tanya Ragir

I am continuing to enjoy your fabulous webinars! Thank you for hosting these fascinatingly, talented professionals/friends and for your endless generosity of knowledge and spirit! You have added a wonderful dimension to my life! With utmost gratitude, Diane Tang

The Klein Artist Works course has been invaluable for me; Paul and the guest experts were consistently candid, insightful, and approachable. Paul genuinely cares about the artists who take his course and I appreciate his commitment to remaining a resource even after a given 12-week course is over. Interestingly, taking the time to really consider and start to engage in the business aspect of being an artist has served to not only clarify my own artistic process but has also re-energized my studio work. KAW has given me the tools I needed to feel empowered about guiding my own career. -Kharis Kennedy

Thank you for designing this course and the awesome studio visit. I feel much of what I have been struggling with has been answered in this course and through your recommendations. MY vision for MY work has never been more clear. I can’t thank you enough… Michael Van Zeyl

Klein Artist Works has be tremendously helpful. It has been an excellent combination of practical information as well as much needed moral support and encouragement… Maria Markovich

At the beginning of this course you asked us to show work we were really proud of. Well, I think this is the first time in 10 years that I am finally really proud of something, or at least reall excited with. Thanks for the kick in the ass…. Andrew Rigsby

Being part of Klein Artist Works is a gift that keeps on giving.  It has been about thirteen months since I was in that first group.  Since then I have accomplished so much!  I have participated in 4 gallery group exhibitions.  I have renegotiated my position in two of my galleries, and added a third gallery to my representation list.   I have expanded my sales into Mexico and Germany.  I have been selling consistently, regardless of the economy, and I have raised my prices!!  Last week alone, I made $22,000. and this week is already looking pretty amazing!   René Romero Schuler

Hey Paul, How do you manage to create such creative, magic conversations? Great (fabulous!) conversations all around tonight. Yes! Tonight’s webinar, alone, was worth the price of admission. Really. No B.S. You’ve got the knack, guy. Continued success, Sincerely, Bob (Fields)