Winkleman, Edward

NYC dealer Winkleman shares his experience exhibiting and selling video art, and the role that the internet and blogging plays in his business. Winkleman also reveals the truth behind the 50/50 commission split, and how he feels about new art going to auction.

“I think that the business of the auction houses is to make art expensive. The business of the galleries is to tell and explain to collectors why art is important. Those two things are not in harmony.”

Plus Ultra Gallery (now Winkleman Gallery) was founded in 2001 by independent curator Edward Winkleman and artist Joshua Stern. He is the creator of the Moving Image art fair, which showcases only video art. The gallery participates in art fairs such as ARCO, Art Chicago, Pulse, Year 06, Aqua, and NADA.

79 minutes

longtext: Accessible, innovative and forward thinking, New York art dealer Edward Winkleman discusses how the role of a dealer is changing, how he relates to and works with artists and what he does to stay ahead of the curve.   79 minutes

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