McVickar, Michael and Brian Westphal

Chicago collectors Michael McVickar and Brian Westphal open their Ravenswood loft to Klein Artist Works to show their sizable collection of paintings, photographs, and drawings and to discuss how they collect work.

“I think we like images that aren’t necessarily safe. We like works that stimulate conversation. Some of our pieces are a little edgy. Some of them, maybe they’re not so edgy but have a little humor. They’re all just beautiful... Hopefully the stuff we purchase is something that really sticks with you, whether you like it or hate it.”

Longtime Chicagoans Michael McVickar, a lawyer, and Brian Westphal, a vice president in a technology department, began collecting artwork soon after moving into their first home together in Roscoe Village in 1999. Within five years, however, they decided to move to a 4,000 square foot loft in Ravenswood to accommodate their growing collection of contemporary representational art. McVickar and Westphal continue to add to their collection, purchasing mostly from Chicago galleries.


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