Lorenz, Kate &; Aaron Ott

Executive Director Kate Lorenz and Curator Aaron Ott of Chicago’s Hyde Park Art Center talk about the unique aspects of art center programming, their focus on art that continually pushes boundaries, and the role that the art center plays in the community.

“You have the ability in a museum or an art center to be far more challenging because you don’t have to worry about, ‘Am I going to sell this object?’”

As the oldest alternative exhibition space in Chicago, the Hyde Park Art Center was established in 1939 and was also the home to the seminal exhibitions of the Chicago Imagists, including the Hairy Who? exhibitions of the late 1960s. Today, the Hyde Park Art Center hosts exhibitions, education, residencies, and public programming and aims to foster a collective spirit among artists, teachers, students, children and families, and the general public. Kate Lorenz has been the Executive Director of the Hyde Park Art Center since 2003, and Aaron Ott has held curator positions at several commercial galleries, the Elmhurst Art Museum and the Hyde Park Art Center.


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