Pickleman, Jason

Jason Pickleman discusses how he began his career as a self-taught artist and graphic designer and offers advice to artists who create works upon request.

Jason opened JNL Graphic Design Studio in 1992, after apprenticing under designer Michael Glass. The JNL studio specializes in the creation of graphic art for exhibition catalogs, books and marketing materials for clients such as The Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Hyde Park Art Center, The Renaissance Society, Steppenwolf Theatre and other fine artists. He is an adjunct assistant professor at UIC’s School of Architecture.

66 minutes

longtext: Jason Pickleman wears a lot of hats in the artworld and balances and integrates them all. The rambling discussion explores the relationship between his various endeavors in design, art making and collecting, and serves as a parable about how an artist can navigate their own way.  66 minutes

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