The Course

You can participate in a Klein Artist Works Course vicariously by following the Playlist, and listening to the “homework” before moving on to the next discussion.

Session 1 Paul Klein, Free Introductory Webinar 

Session 2 Being an Artist: The life, the commitment, the possibilities, the toil, the glory. Inspiration. We discuss webinars with Theaster Gates, Camille Seaman, Dawoud Bey, Nick Cave, Alice Aycock, Judy Ledgerwood, & Eric Fischl

Session 3 The Artist’s Life: What do I do? My time. My art. My Spouse, My career. We discuss webinars with Dannielle Tegeder, Michelle Grabner, Mark Kostabi, Todd Chilton, & Ebony G. Patterson.

Session 4 Art Galleries. Foe or Friend? How do they function? How do I fit it? The difference between a Dealer and a Gallerist. What do I want from a gallery? What do they want from me? We discuss webinars with Greg Kucera, Lisa Sette, Catherine Edelman, Ed Winkleman, & Kenise Barnes.

Session 5 How to Grow a Gallery Relationship / Career / Museum exhibit? 

Session 6 Making the Art. You and Your Soul. Integrity. The relationship between you and your art. Vulnerability. Vision. Strategy. We discuss webinars with Renee Freedman, Foster Goldstrom, April Gornik, & Tania Bruguera

Session 7 Do You Even Want a Gallery? Other options: art consultants, commissions, residencies, grants, corporations, business partner. We discuss webinars with Lisa Austin, Patti Gilford, Gigi Rosenberg, Ree Kaneko, Stan Klein & Tania Bruguera

Session 8 The Support System; How to get attention, curators, art critics, catalogs, self-generated exhibits, pop-up galleries, writers for hire, juried competitions, public relations, social media, regular media. We discuss webinars with Dan Cameron, Elizabeth Smith, Jerry Saltz, Christian Viveros-Fauné, Dave Hickey, Paddy Johnson. & John Seed

Session 9 Collectors & Patrons, Motivation. Passion. Patron. Benefactor. Community support group. Where does the art go? We discuss webinars with Dana Martin Davis, Patric McCoy, Steve Shane, Karen & Robert Duncan

Session 10 Summary, Wrap Up & Reminders