Alfano, Elysabeth

The TV host and former gallery owner reveals her list of the Top 5 things she sees in successful artists, and discusses maintaining integrity in your studio practice while making time for the business side.

“There’s no replacement for honing in on your skills. It’s one thing to be passionate and to be driven, and it’s another thing to work on your craft day in and day out.”

Alfano is a native of Chicago, and was the owner of both an international glass sculpture gallery and a textile design business. After being involved in the arts and culture scene for over a decade, she embarked on a two-year journey to become a television producer. The television show “Fear No Art” first aired on WTTW in May 2010, and has had complementary webisodes. In 2012, Alfano launched a new version of her show entitled “The Dinner Party.”

68 minutes