Aronson , Larry & Evelyn (audio)

Noted collectors Larry and Evelyn Aronson talk about their decision to start collecting art in the Chicago of the 1960s, and how a truly great work of art participates in a lasting dialogue.

“The practice of art is a form of dialogue. An artist creates a vocabulary and tells a story. In a truly good work of art, the story asks a lot of questions, and when the viewer looks at it, he answers the questions with more questions. That dialogue between the artist and the viewer is what makes a work of art worthwhile.”

Restaurateur Larry Aronson and his wife Evelyn began collecting Chicago art in the city’s 1960s Imagist heyday, and have been buying a work of art every month for over 50 years. With a collection of over 100 artists (almost all of them Chicago-based), the Aronsons have become well known for their commitment to exceptional art that is a reflection of life.