Bamberger, Alan

Bamberger is a San Francisco-based art business advisor, appraiser and writer. He has been advising artists and collectors in the Bay Area for thirty years. From his beginnings as an antique and art book dealer, Bamberger works now writing and consulting with artists. In this talk, he covers a range of topics including the launch of his career as an art dealer and the ways in which artists can boost their presence independently of a gallery.

“The more people that see [your work] the greater the chances that something’s going to happen. You can’t just sit around and wait for some ideal circumstance.”

As a writer and appraiser, Bamberger has written numerous articles for American Artist, Art Ltd., Antiques and Fine Art, Antique Trader and the San Francisco Review of Books. His “Art Talk” column was syndicated and published in many collectible publications including: Antique Week, Mid-Atlantic Antiques Magazine, Antiques and Collectables, Antique Gazette and Collectors Journal.