Berger, Dan

Collector and non-profit gallerist, Daniel Berger explains how he’s acquired a meaningful, focused art collection, and also discusses how he navigates between collecting and exhibiting contemporary art.

“I like constantly looking at new work and new artists. It’s part of why I have so much joy with Iceberg Projects, because we get together with other art educators, and each of us gets to talk about work that we’re particularly interested in, and learn and be challenged by that.”

Dr. Daniel Berger is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and is founder and medical director of Northstar Medical Center. Berger maintains a cohesive collection of Outsider and contemporary art, focusing on work by African-American, Chicago-based and queer artists. In 2010, he opened Iceberg Projects, a not-for-profit art gallery behind his Chicago home.