Boris, Staci

Elmhurst Art Museum’s Chief Curator, Staci Boris opens up about the ins and outs of organizing exhibitions for a small museum including answering questions about the relationship between curating and fundraising, her feelings on unsolicited submissions, and the kinds of artists who are on her radar.

“I think artists are keen observers of the world. They have insight into the world and society. I’ve been inspired by many artists who digest what is happening around them and filter it out in unique ways. It’s important that artists be aware of art history and what’s come before them, and also look to push the boundaries further…and do something that I’ve never seen before.”

Currently Chief Curator at the Elmhurst Art Museum, Staci Boris began her curating career with 12 years at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago mounting exhibitions of such contemporary artists as William Kentridge and Sarah Sze. Boris also spent 4 years with the Spertus Museum as Senior Curator before taking a position as the Executive Director of Art Chicago (MMPI) until 2012. Boris received her BA in Art History from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her MA in Art History & Museum Studies from Boston University.