Brammer, Jason

Artist Jason Brammer and Erin Brammer, his wife and business manager, are partners in life and career. They discuss the logistics of their working relationship and strategies they have used to promote and sell Jason’s artwork and grow their career.

“Customer service… from our approach, you want to relieve any fears that they might have about buying your work… We’ll drive it over to your place, I’ll hang it on your wall, I’ll measure it out, it’ll be hung perfectly. You can even live with it for a week, and if you don’t like it in a week, I’ll give you your money back, you can say that. Nobody ever returns your stuff… Make it as easy as possible.”

Jason Brammer is a Chicago-based artist working in drawing, painting, and mixed media. His aesthetic involves meticulous draftsmanship influenced by steampunk and found and vintage materials. He has exhibited nationally, including at the University Club of Chicago, Firecat Projects (Chicago), and the Harrison Center for the Arts (Indianapolis). His work has appeared in such publications as The Huffington Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, and Chicago Art Magazine. He has also been commissioned for several murals, including for LinkedIn and Dark Matter Coffee, as well as album artwork and concert posters. Erin Brammer has a background as a project manager for a financial company but quit the corporate world in 2007 to manage Jason’s art career full-time. They took a Klein Artist Works course in 2010.