Cvikota, Tom

In this info-packed webinar, veteran fine art publisher Tom Cvikota delves into the print choices faced by contemporary artists. Cvikota explains technical and professional standards, and gives advice on creative methods for starting a print edition.

“Be as professional as you possibly can and adhere to standards with the marketplace that make you a professional. And the standards that you adhere to as an artist—to protect your market, to protect the print—when working with a printer you insist that, ‘This is the way I want to do it.’”

Tom Cvikota is a Chicago-based print publisher who has been in the business for nearly forty years. Cvikota was born in Chicago, and he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At age 19 he took an internship at the prestigious Landfall Press run by Jack Lemon. Here he worked with a number of high profile artists, beginning with Claes Oldenburg. He has lived and worked for over 10+ years in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago as a publisher and artist collaborator. Some of the artists who he has worked with include Jim Dine, Christo, Chuck Close, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Annette Lemieux, Ed Paschke, Richard Prince, James Rosenquist, and Frank Stella.