Flemings, Hajj

Branding expert Hajj Flemings talks about the ways in which artists can use social media platforms to craft personal brands that compliment their artistic goals, and he also explains the importance of bringing online networking into the real world.

“Branding is a major component in turning your ideas into value, opportunities and revenue. Branding helps people better understand how to engage with you and better understand how you fit into the commerce world.”

Hajj Flemings is the CEO/Co-Founder of Gokit, an online identity platform that enables users to manage, organize and curate their stories, and is also the founder of Brand Camp University, a personal branding conference that takes place in the Midwest, New York and Boston. Flemings is the author of “The Brand YU Life: Re-thinking Who You Are Through Personal Brand Management” which was selected as one of Fast Company Magazine 2008 Readers Choice Business Books of the year. He has been featured in national television and online news sources, and travels the country speaking and writing about technology, social media and branding for small business.