Frank, Peter

Frank draws on his experience as a seasoned critic to articulate the responsibilities of a full-time art writer, and the importance of language in art and the changing climate of art criticism.

“I strive for eloquence because that eloquence serves best my understanding of the work and thus an understanding of the work for my readers…. And I want to do it in a relatively artful way, so that people want to read me, not simply for what I think but the way I think it.”

Frank is an Adjunct Senior Curator at the Riverside Art Museum and has served as Editor of THEmagazine Los Angeles and Visions Art Quarterly and as critic for Angeleno magazine and the L.A. Weekly. He contributes articles to numerous publications and catalogues. Frank has also organized various exhibitions including shows for the Riverside Art Museum; the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid; New York’s Alternative Museum; the Otis/Parsons Art Institute in Los Angeles; the Atlanta College of Art; and the Guggenheim Museum. Frank has taught at Pratt Institute, Columbia University’s School of the Arts, the Tyler School of Art, the University of California Irvine, the University of California Los Angeles, Laguna College of Art and Design, Mt. San Antonio College, and other institutions.

66 minutes