Freedman, Renee

Professional Coach and SupporTED co-founder Renee Freedman addresses a sometimes overlooked, intangible aspect of an artist’s life: the soul. Here, she advises on how to connect with one’s spiritual domain, committing and connecting to what feels right, and listening to oneself to determine where the joy lies in one’s creative practice.

“Why are we really doing this? I doubt that anyone would say that the reason that they create art is because they want to make money. Making money happens to be something you have to do to survive, but you started to create art for a different reason: you were drawn to it.”

Renee Freedman is a professional coach and collaboration consultant with 30 years of professional experience, education, and interests, working with a variety of leaders and organizations. Freedman co-founded SupporTED, the coaching support program for Fellows of TED: an organization devoted sharing ideas that change the world. She is also the creator of the coaching program for the Fellows of the Unreasonable Institute: an organization with social entrepreneurial endeavors focusing on social and environmental challenges. Freedman holds degrees in Psychology and Human Development and has received coaching certifications/ credentials from Institute for Generative Leadership, Newfield Network, Fielding Institute, and the International Coach Federation.