Glass, Linda and Jeff Mercer

Collectors Linda Glass and Jeff Mercer are active, Chicago-based supporters of the arts. The pair cover many topics related to collecting and buying art. They speak candidly about their different approached to collecting and how they find the work they love.

“If it’s something that is life enhancing, we will find a way to buy it.”
Their love of art began early. For Linda it was a High School visit to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and for Jeff it was an art history course in college. Linda continued her studies in Art History and eventually worked for Perimeter Gallery in Chicago while Jeff entered into a career in finance.

In this open talk, they discuss their respective approaches to collecting and the ways in which they encounter and are introduced to artists’ work. They review their history as collectors and talk about their acquisitions from art fairs, galleries, MFA shows and charity art auctions.