Goldstrom, Foster

Idiosyncratic art world veteran Foster Goldstrom explains his 4+ decades of success as a collector, consultant, and dealer, while also giving advice to artists on how to survive today.

“[The path to success] is really also about connecting, going around and putting yourself in places where you think people would be who would be interested in buying your artwork. And if you’re lucky you’ll find a representative who will help you do that. And hopefully the representative has connections with collectors, and museums, and writers who are able to promote your work.”

Foster Goldstrom is a collector and art consultant. Born in Palm Springs, California, Goldstrom’s family moved across the state before settling in South San Francisco, where he grew up. He worked on the floor of the Pacific Exchange, a regional stock exchange, before taking a position as a sales person in a gallery. This led to buying work and eventually trading up to the work of such artists as Picasso and Chagall. From 1973 to 1977 he worked as a private dealer before starting his own gallery, Foster Goldstrom Fine Arts. Later he opened other spaces, Foster Goldstrom Gallery, New York, and Foster Goldstrom Gallery, Dallas. Goldstrom is now retired from the gallery world, though he still sometimes collects the work of local emerging artists. He lives in Oakland, California in one of renowned architect Bernard Maybeck’s most famous buildings, The Guy Chick Hyde Home.