Harker, Josh

In this webinar, artist Josh Harker offers his advice for having a successful Kickstarter project and gives his tips for what does and doesn’t work for online fundraising. With his Kickstarter project, Harker joined the ranks of top Kickstarter campaigns and ultimately became the third largest funded arts campaign on the site to date.

Q: “Look at it [KickStarter] for what you can do within your own networks… it is more about breaking some rules and using it as a tool.”

Harker built a wildly successful marketing strategy and business plan for selling his work online. Along with his Etsy store, Harker’s work can be found in over 15 retailers around the world and has been featured in a host of publications including WIRED Magazine, TIME, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Huffington Post, PC World, 3D Artist Magazine, National Geographic, Popular Science and the Chicago Tribune.