Inman, Kerry

Gallery owner Kerry Inman speaks candidly about the art business, from gender disparity to the importance of clear communication with artist-parents to strategies for best representing art in a variety of media.

“When I’m interested in showing or working with an artist, sure, I’m interested in a body of work. I see a body of work and I visit with them, but I also get to know them a little bit and what they’re trying to do, what they want to do. Which means, yeah, they might change. That’s okay. They might not sell for two or three shows. I think that’s something we can talk a little bit about: commitment and when things don’t sell. That’s a conversation.”

Kerry Inman is the owner and director of Inman Gallery in Houston, Texas. Inman, the daughter of an painter and an engineer, grew up making art but was disallowed from pursuing her interest at the college level by her father. Instead she studied the hard sciences, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology from Colgate University and a Master of Sciences degree in Geosciences from the University of Arizona. She took on various roles at BP between 1982-1999, and since 2006 she has worked as a geologist for Cobalt International Energy. In 1990 she opened Inman Gallery to showcase local emerging artists. The gallery has since become internationally recognized, with a 2003 award from the International Critics Association and with several Whitney Biennial artists on its roster. Although the gallery has expanded its reach, it remains committed to the local Houston community and to work that demonstrates visual and conceptual exploration. Today Inman Gallery’s roster includes 30 artist, with active representation for approximately 15-18.