Joyce, Gwenda

Artist coach Gwenda Joyce outlines her business of mentoring, marketing and representing contemporary artists, and shares her secrets for establishing and expanding art careers, including building a contacts list, developing a core set of ideas for your practice, and constructing the perfect answer for the ever-present question: “What kind of art do you make?”

“When you have an answer for that question in two or three sentences, in a conversational way in and in a way that draws people in, then you start the conversation and that conversation can go anywhere.”

Beginning as an art, architecture and design writer in Northern California, Gwenda Joyce then moved to Chicago as a founding partner of the acclaimed Gwenda Jay/Addington Gallery. After 20 years in the gallery business, Joyce returned to the state of California to start her own business, The Art Ambassador, in which she works as an agent and a coach, connecting artists with the larger art world. Joyce received her BA and Masters from Colorado College.