Karman, Tony

Tony Karman As Director of EXPOChicago, Tony Karman talks extensively about all aspects of art fair related subjects, ranging from marketing art, art fairs, and the power of the well-positioned art dealer. Karman discusses the metric by which dealers, gallerists and patrons separately judge an art fair.

“We are not a regional fair. You can’t stir a region if you are not a great international fair.”

From his humble 1981 start as security guard at the Chicago International Art Exposition, Karman worked his way to the top and by the time he left Art Chicago in 2010, he was the organizations outgoing Vice President and Director. In this webinar, Karman covers the nuanced decisions involved in organizing and running an art fair.. By partnering with art dealer Rhona Hoffman, Karman was able to secure the high level galleries and institutions necessary for successful inaugural EXPOChicago in 2012.