Kucera, Greg

Groundbreaking art dealer Greg Kucera speaks about his evolution from artist to founding one of the most innovative contemporary art galleries in the country, balancing a roster of regional and international artists and collectors, the relationship of artist and dealer, and what it takes to run a successful gallery.

“For artists to create their own studio situation where they can get feedback from other artists is really imperative for their success. To have colleagues, to have peers, to have people you trust give you feedback on your work…is much more beneficial than what an art dealer thinks about it. I truly believe that nepotism is your friend, always. And if you work your angles through your artist friends, and they work theirs with you, the whole art scene wherever you are is stronger because of that network.”

Greg Kucera is the founder, owner, director, and curator of Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle, WA, established in 1983. With over 6,500 square feet, Greg Kucera Gallery exhibits cutting-edge paintings, sculpture, prints, and works on paper by emerging and established contemporary artists and is known for thematic exhibitions addressing social and political issues, having held significant early shows for such artists as Kara Walker, Kerry James Marshall, and Ann Hamilton.