Lawfer, Jayson

Innovative art consultant, dealer, and artist Jayson Lawfer talks about the trend of moving from physical galleries to the world of online galleries and virtual exhibitions, as well as the business of connecting artists and collectors.

“When you have a gallery, what you’re doing is putting together artists and collectors, and you’re the middle person that’s featuring all the work, handling all the money… It’s a partnership between the artists I represent, the collectors that are selling work through me, and galleries that are selling their inventory through me.”

Jayson Lawfer completed a BFA at the University of Montana and an artist residency at Guldagergard in Denmark (2002) before becoming the Executive Director of The Clay Studio for four years in Missoula, MT, including directing its exhibition space and residency program. In March 2008, he launched The Nevica Project, an online gallery and art consulting business he continues to successfully grow. Lawfer became Executive Director of the nonprofit Artreach at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago in 2010 and continues to create ceramics and photography.