Lichty, Patrick

Tech artist Patrick Lichty of Second Front and The Yes Men talks about New Media Art, the benefits of maintaining a writing practice, and how the very best artists participate in a “gift economy.”

“Volunteer, write, curate, collaborate, give to Kickstarter. There is no shortage for free work and your voice gets better known –it gains value and you’ll get more and more paid work.”

Patrick Lichty is a technologically-based media artist, writer, independent curator, co-founder of the performance art group Second Front, animator for the activist group, The Yes Men, and Executive Editor of Intelligent Agent Magazine. He began showing technological media art in 1989, and his solo and collaborative work has been exhibited in such venues as the Whitney & Turin Biennials, Maribor Triennial, Performa Performance Biennial, Ars Electronica, and the International Symposium on the Electronic Arts (ISEA). He is also an Assistant Professor of Interactive Arts & Media at Columbia College Chicago.