Lieberman, William (audio)

Lieberman offers a candid discussion of the financial intricacies of selling art through the gallery, detailing the processes of financing art, paying artists and negotiating with different kinds of collectors.

“Young artists who are looking to connect themselves have to be always thinking their next move. After you’ve been in your studio for six or eight hours a day, you need to come home and say, ‘what’s my next function going to be? What can I do to prepare for tomorrow or the next day?’”

Since the 1970s, Zolla/Lieberman Gallery has been a top venue for contemporary art in Chicago. William maintains the aesthetic quality of contemporary artwork that the history of the gallery had established since its opening. By embracing a wide range of genres and artists, Z/L is able to offer a variety of work. Z/L maintains professional associations with the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) and the Chicago Art Dealers Association (CADA).