Locke, Suzy

Longtime art advisor Suzy Locke shares knowledge gleaned from nearly forty years in the consulting business, discussing commissions, conflicts of interest, and the difference between working with private and corporate clients. She also takes questions from artists on how to best seek out and approach art advisors.

“I expect [artists] to have a dialogue with the client. They can sell their work very easily if they can talk about their work. I love to see my clients light up having the opportunity to interact with an intelligent artist. It’s very exciting, and sometimes I’ve taken them to an artist’s studio when they’ve had a certain budget, but once they’ve seen the work and talked to the artist they decide they want to go the extra mile because they’re so excited.”

Suzy Locke is a fine art advisor and appraiser, and the principal at Suzy R. Locke & Associates, an Oakland-based art advisory firm that operates nationally. She is also a Board member for the Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA), the only professional network for corporate art advisors in the United States and Canada. In a career spanning nearly four decades, Locke has worked with a number of major companies including Bank of America, Blue Cross, Chevron USA, Dreyery’s and Edy’s Grand Ice Cream, Holiday Inns of America, and Wells Fargo. She has worked with a number of clinics and hospitals as well, including many within the Kaiser Permanente consortium, and with institutions such as the University of California, Berkley. Locke also represents many private clients, lectures regularly, and belongs to a great number of professional organizations.