Matthews, Eoin

E-commerce expert Eoin Matthews gives Klein Artist Works participants a whirlwind introduction to the business of online art sales. Included are a number of practical tips on building your online presentation and setting prices.

“The key thing you’re trying to counter with most online buyers, is that most people don’t want to feel like a fool. In a gallery you can make people feel special, you can enrich that experience for them and give them a personal story. With online, and especially with very expensive products online, you have a fear factor. It’s a very real fear factor and you need to counteract that. And you need to do it subtly.”

Eoin Matthews is the founder of Popt, an e-commerce site where artists and designers can sell their work. Matthews was born in Ireland, and he currently lives in San Francisco. He has acted as a developer and consultant for a number of online companies, including as Senior Consultant, QSET; Founder, NotPaul; Cofounder and Vice President of Business Development,; Vice President of Business Development, VigLink; and Vice President of Business Development and general Vice President,