Mayer, Bridgette

Philadelphia-based gallery owner Bridgette Mayer speaks openly about the value of persistence, explaining how a commitment to local, emerging artists helped her build what is now a world-class exhibition space.

“My whole focus has continued to be to create partnerships with artists and help build their careers with them, and give them more attention, and help them make more money. And If I have less artists, I’m able to do that.”

Bridgette Mayer is the owner and director of Bridgette Mayer Gallery, a 3,000 square foot space in Philadelphia’s Washington Square. Mayer was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. She spent time in foster care and different foster homes before being adopted and raised in rural Huntington County. While attending Bucknell University for a Bachelors in Art and Art History, Mayer worked in the student gallery and interned every summer with various artists and arts organizations in New York City. After graduating, she worked at David Beitzel Gallery in New York for a year and took a number of jobs before becoming an art consultant in Philadelphia. At age twenty-seven she opened her own space, Bridgette Mayer Gallery. The gallery represents fourteen artists and shows many more in group shows and special shows. The gallery usually takes part in two art fairs per year. Mayer is also an Associate of the Philadelphia Museum of Art; a director of the board for Ready, Willing & Able, an initiative of The Doe Fund; and a board member for The Associate of the Arts, Bucknell University. In 2012 she was a Finalist and Recipient of the 40 Under 40 Award from the Philadelphia Business Journal.