McCoy, Patric

As a unique brand of collector, the Collector-Activist, McCoy speaks candidly about the hierarchy of collecting art, and his experience using his power as a collector to foster and promote the art community he believes in.

“I started to recognize that collecting art means something bigger than just myself. And it also is not a very private thing. In fact, the reason why I open my doors and have people come in to see my collection is that I believe that being a collector is very public.”

Patric McCoy is a Chicago-based environmental chemist and art collector, whose collection contains more than one thousand paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages, and assemblages of African American art. In 2003 McCoy co-founded Diasporal Rhythms a not-for-profit arts organization that promotes the collection of art works by living artists of African descent. McCoy is president of Diasporal Rhythms and a member of its board of directors.