Parker, Daniel

Author and Collector Daniel Parker talks about developing and maintaining his renowned collection of black and African Art, and outlines the ways in which he uses his collection to help educate a wider audience.

“If you come from the base of your culture, like I have, collecting is partly about sharing your culture and educating the world. A culture isn’t something that you simply retain, but you cheer and you teach.”

Collector Daniel Parker is the co-founder of the collector organization Diasporal Rhythms and author of African Art The Diaspora and Beyond. Prior to becoming known for his collection of over 500 works (mainly featuring pieces by black artists), Parker worked as a counselor and educator in both the Chicago Public School and Chicago City College systems for 35 years. In 1989, Parker received a Distinguished Professor award from the board of the Chicago City College system for his work at Olive-Harvey College. Parker’s collection has been shown at Chicago area art museums, and he has become a sought-after expert on African and African American art.