Schuler, René Romero

An artist who took part in the very first Klein Artist Works course, René Romero Schuler talks about her career before and after the course, touching on topics like balancing several gallery relationships simultaneously, and arriving at the place where she can articulate her making process to a wider audience.

“What makes something really of interest to people is linking it to something that people can readily access. I realized that my work isn’t totally a personal journey… Relating my work to other things pulled me out of myself.”

René Romero Schuler is a full-time artist living in the Chicago-area, and has received numerous honors and commissions including a New York Public Art Commission, The DAP Fund in Houston, Texas, and Living the Dream- Top in the Arts Recognition, Chicago. Schuler exhibits her work regularly in Chicago and abroad, and she is represented by Chicago’s Jennifer Norback Fine Arts, Miami’s Mac Fine Art, Onessimo Fine Art in Palm Beach Gardens, and Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos, Paris.