Schulman, Blair

Kansas City-based, visual arts writer Blair Schulman talks with Klein Artist Works about the city’s thriving DIY scene, and also discusses his role as an art critic, including how a writer can be integrally involved in his or her art community, maintaining a balanced point of view, and how and why a negative review can be necessary.

“I want to create a critical conversation about someone’s work…and I would like to think that sometimes my writing helps with encouraging further exposure.”

Blair Schulman is an art critic and writer based in Kansas City, Missouri. He is the Editor of Cupcakes in Regalia, a publication devoted to criticism and reviews of Kansas City visual arts, and the Associate Editor of the Art Tattler, an outlet with an international scope. Schulman also contributes profusely to other publications both in the Kansas City area and throughout the country including Review Magazine, The Kansas City Star, Juxtapose, and Whitehot Magazine amongst many others.