Sette, Lisa

Arizona-based gallerist Lisa Sette covers how to edition videos, what to do at art fairs, and how to submit your work to galleries (including her own) in this comprehensive exchange.

“Not in an aggressive way, but just put yourself out there a little bit. We are in it together, the artist and the gallerist are in it together. So you should be visible. You have to be. Because, you know, people love the gallerist—but they love the artist more.”

Lisa Sette is the owner and director of Lisa Sette Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona. Settle was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and she studied art history and studio art, with a focus on photography, at the University of Hartford. She transferred to Arizona State University to complete her BFA and remained in Arizona after graduating, opening a fine art publishing company. In 1985 she opened Lisa Sette Gallery, which she has maintained for nearly thirty years. The gallery exhibits all forms of contemporary art, and represents approximately twenty-five artists at any given time.