Soodek, Coco

Art Lawyer Coco Soodek discusses the intricacies of copyrights as they pertain to artists, and also gives a line-by-line explanation of the contract that all artists must contend with: the Consignment Agreement.

“Litigation is absolutely a last resort. You should only use it when you’ve really gotten screwed and you can’t stop getting screwed. Short of that, the contract creates a record of what you talked about and agreed to, and the integrity of the people you’re doing business with ought to be enough to enforce that contract.”

Coco Soodek is a lawyer, writer and blogger who specializes in all areas of art law, from trademark and internet law, to consignment agreements, publishing agreements, copyrights and estate planning. She works at Profit and Laws Press, Inc. & Bryan Cave LLP, and has earned degrees from Northwestern University School of Law and Hofstra University School of Law.