Tullman, Howard

Collector and entrepreneur Howard Tullman talks about what he looks for when collecting work and maintaining a collection of over 1,400 pieces, as well as addressing the international art market and the future of art in Chicago.

“It’s great to be making art, but I do think that you need to figure out if there’s an audience for that, and if not, you either have to think about doing something different, or you have to decide that it’s not something you’re going to make a living at.”

Howard Tullman is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist based in Chicago who has collected realist figurative artwork for over forty years. He completed a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics (1967) and a J.D. (1970) from Northwestern University. He has launched and run numerous successful business, education, and technology endeavors. Currently, Tullman is the President and C.E.O. of the digital arts school Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy and is on the board of the New York Academy of Art, specializing if figurative work in traditional media.