Warren, Linda (audio)

In this candid conversation, the dealer discusses the best routes for artists to initiate and maintain relationships with galleries, and the role that ‘timing’ plays in those relationships.

“I’m looking to develop long-term relationships with artists; it’s not a one-time deal. That’s why personality becomes important to me, because even though I’m investing a lot as it is, doing one show, I don’t care if nothing sells out of someone’s show. I’ll give them another show. At some point it will work on that front.”

Founded in 2003 Linda Warren Gallery became Linda Warren Projects in 2011. The gallery has established itself as Chicago’s preeminent venue for emerging and mid-career artists working in a variety of media. Warren is a member of the Art Dealer’s Association of Chicago, and takes on numerous projects outside her gallery as an art consultant and as a juror for artist grants.